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Date 13-09-2021 Views: 475

European steel producers are expressing concern about the possible suspension of EU anti-dumping tariffs after the European Commission showed signs that it could temporarily suspend a tariff on aluminum due to ongoing economic changes. Worries about a suspension of steel tariffs are growing.

EU steel mills fear glut of Chinese steel

EU steel mills, which are among the big beneficiaries of extensive EU market protection measures such as anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures, fear an uncontrolled glut of Chinese steel at dumping prices on the European market if duties are indeed suspended.

European market suffering from steel shortage

The European market has been suffering from a massive shortage of steel products since the end of 2020, which has led to ongoing protests from steel consumers. While on the other hand, EU steel producers are issuing record reports on their sales and results.

EU and United States want to end steel dispute

The European Union and the United States want to agree on an end to their dispute over steel and aluminum before the end of 2021. It is assumed that if an agreement is reached, even more steel and aluminum products will be exported from the EU to the United States and the shortage in the EU could become even more dramatic.


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